personal yoga sessions


with Bill Wood

Individual sessions are available on Zoom, or at Bill’s home in south Devon.

For more experienced students and teachers – or for those whose health might require a more tailored approach – one-to-one sessions can help us to develop a deeper felt-understanding of our practice.

As well as teaching for 28 years, Bill has led two Yoga Teacher Training Courses and also worked as a psychotherapist for 10 years, so he brings a broad range of experience to support people through the challenges they might meet in their own practice, or in their teaching of others.

Sessions cost £50/hour or £65/90mins. Please email Bill to arrange times.

it is balance that needs to be found and balance is not a position of rigidity, but one of great ease, a flowing with every moment, of non-resistance, of giving and taking and adjusting, of forever seeking Oneness.
Dorothy Maclean